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Sgt. Shaun Whitmore Charity Golf Event

JCP Advertising / Marketing / Business Solutions is honored to be involved with the Sgt. Shaun Whitmore Charity Golf Event held at Crown Park Golf Club on November 21, 2015

On Sgt. Whitmore’s 1st deployment to Afghanistan in 2007 his units tent was hit and he was blown into a brick wall 25 ft away and suffered severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), They did what they could and he insisted he was okay and was sent back until 2009 when he suffered more severe injuries from another attack and was sent for intense medical investigation outside of Afghanistan that showed his original injuries in 2007 were much more severe than were determined originally along with the new injuries Read More

Aerial Photography – 2015 Pacifico Belmar Pro

2015 Pacifico Belmar Pro more highlights on Reale Aereo Fotografia – RAF and bill nj71 (aka Bill Boyington aka Billybaroo) YouTube channels:

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