Eating eggs does not increase risk of heart attack

With THOUSANDS of seemingly contradictory articles published over the past 40 years, It’s no wonder most people are confused about cholesterol, fat, etc.

Dr. Cole has spent 35 years studying the topic and as a result he can help you improve the health of your cardiovascular system with nutritional supplements based on YOUR biological preference.

Call Dr. Cole to get started TODAY!

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Shaggin’ On The Boulevard Dance Contest Presented By NMB Rotary

Join North Myrtle Beach Rotary Club at Avista Resort on April 16th for the 1st Annual Shaggin’ On The Boulevard Dance Contest

Presented by
Edward Jones – Financial Advisor: Kristy Kirkland

Emceed by Myrtle Beach super personality Greg Rowles

See below for sponsorship and ticket info

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Dr. Cole Talks Alzheimer’s Disease

We can help you support your cardiovascular function with the right nutritional supplements for your body based on our 30 years of experience, your blood type and your bioelectric preference.

A Healthier Heart May Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease!

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Sgt. Shawn Whitmore Charity Golf Event Highlights

Dr. Cole Talks Natural / Artificial Painkillers

Natural and Artificial Painkillers

Endorphins and enkephalins are the body’s natural painkillers. When a person is injured, pain impulses travel up the spinal cord to the brain. The brain then releases endorphins and enkephalins. Enkephalins block pain signals in the spinal cord. Endorphins are thought to block pain principally at the brain stem. Chiropractors for decades have been telling people to have their upper cervical spine, at the base of the brain stem, checked for misalignment adjustments. You don’t want any interference in this critical pathway. Both endorphins and enkephalins are morphine-like substances whose functions are similar to those of opium-based drugs. Today, the word “endorphin” is used generically to describe both groups of painkillers. These naturally occurring opiates include enkephalins (methionine and leucine), endorphins (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) and a growing number of synthetic (artificial) compounds.
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JCP Adv. Donates Dinners to SC Flood Victims

JCP Advertising had the honor of giving back to the community by donating 15 dinners for the Rotary Club of North Myrtle Beach’s Annual Family Spaghetti Fest to Flood Victims in North Myrtle Beach and Little River, South Carolina

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Award Winning Antonio’s Pizza of Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Antonio’s Deli, Pizza and Grill is a family owned Italian restaurant located in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina next door to The Chubby Buddha that serves great homemade food made in Mama Leone’s kitchen . Antonio’s is a Deli, Pizzeria and Grill that delivers to the SE Barrier Islands of Brunswick County NC and surrounding areas. Antonio’s delivers late night and to the beaches of Ocean Isle Beach / Sunset Beach, they also deliver beer and wine! So, if you’re hungry or thirsty and in the Ocean Isle Beach / Sunset Beach areas come on in or give them a call you will not be disappointed!!!
Antonio’s was awarded the 2014 Golden A Award by the Brunswick County Health Department. Golden A Award is only given to restaurants who continuously score an A on their inspections
Click on menu below for larger version

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